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6-8 SEP: Tools of Directing SCRIPT Master Class


Weekend Master Class with Simon Phillips

Fri 6 September, 7-9pm
Sat 7 September, 10am-5pm
Sun 8 September 2013, 10am-5pm

Camden, London

Now closed

Simon’s workshops and seminars - Tools of Directing Actors, Tools of Script Development and Tools of Directing Camera - are presented internationally. Simon Phillips is a direction consultant for feature film and high level TV directors. 

 Tutor Simon whiteboard
The Tools of Directing (ToD) give directors their own unique methodology and bring new insights and clarity to the profession; which have both creative and financial benefits to film and TV production. ToD separates into easy applicable modules – which match the workflow of filmmaking.


The script can often hold a whole set of problems that mean your project doesn't get to the next stage. But even for the lucky ones, even after years of script development, when the production finally starts;
  • Whole sections of the story don't actually work when they are directed
  • Character must be quickly adjusted in rehearsals, with consequently poor acting
  • Shot material has to be discarded as it wasn't necessary and
  • Holes in the story that mean post production is often 'story damage limitation'
These problems can be fixed in the script by the director who has totally different creative responsibilities than the writer. But writing methods do not give the tools to do that work.

Tools of Directing the Script training delivers the means to direct the development of the script and the manifestation of a great story. It is a series of clear tasks that build through the creative process to empower the director's intuition to really add their creative approach.

This is relevant especially if you write/direct.

This concentrated master class has highly participative, practical exercises designed to give you tools to:
  • Learn a whole new approach to understanding your script
  • Discover how to identify the strengths in your screenplay
  • Give the right feedback to overcome problems
  • Use surprise, mystery, and suspense to meet the needs of your audience
  • Increase your self-confidence under the pressure of script meetings
  • Improve prospects of success of your film project

Tools of Directing Script have been used successfully on award-winning films and by first-time feature film directors to secure the funding they needed to take their project forward.

"Simon Phillips is an expert in his field" Linda Aronson, Scriptwriter and expert on non-linear and ensemble script structure. Read Linda's full article on the script aspect of Tools of Directing in the Universal Film Magazine here

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